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Borrow with BKR – Student loan

Borrow money with BKR

Borrow money with BKR

You have a BKR registration because once (or more often) you have not met your financial obligations in the past. Despite the fact that most credit or mortgage providers first check the creditworthiness of their future customers at the BKR, it is in many cases still possible to get a loan. You probably know it: “We apologize, but unfortunately we cannot provide you with a loan. Because you have a negative BKR and unfortunately we cannot lend money to someone with a BKR code. ”

Very unfortunate of course, but this happens regularly and nowadays even more. And today it is not easy to borrow money. And then there is the problem that borrowing money with a negative BKR registration is a big chunk in many throat companies.

What is a BKR registration?

What is a BKR registration?

The BKR in Tiel provides affiliated companies with information about loans and GSM subscriptions concluded by consumers. The companies use this information when considering whether it is justified to provide a credit. In this way the BKR helps to keep credit and payment risks as small as possible and to prevent over-crediting and any other problematic debt situations. If you do have a BKR registration, a BKR mortgage can offer a solution.

High interest on borrowing money with BKR

Because people have always been in trouble in recent years and, for example, were no longer able to pay off their expensive GSM subscriptions or laptops, this market has become very interesting for lenders. As a result, many consumers have received a BKR registration, but they also need money, and a number of lenders have made good use of this.

These lenders are going to cover the extra risks that they think they are running with consumers with a BKR registration by providing credit with higher interest rates, so that they have a better return and thus compensate for the risks.

Borrowing with BKR does not always say something about creditworthiness

Naturally, these lenders will also avoid very large risks. For example, someone who is unemployed and has little prospect of work will find it harder to get a loan. For most people this is a case of so-called “incidents”. This means that they have once had payment arrears in the past, but not continuously or regularly.

Often these people still have a reliable financial future, which means that they are actually only a low risk for the lenders and that makes the granting of a loan interesting, partly due to the higher interest rates.


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