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John Miller

How to Create a Credit Strategy

It is necessary to create a credit strategy that will be effective for the lifetime of your home. This means that you should prepare your strategy before you have actually purchased a home. What actions are necessary to begin building a solid credit history? Before you make a final decision […]

Borrow with BKR – Student loan

Borrow money with BKR You have a BKR registration because once (or more often) you have not met your financial obligations in the past. Despite the fact that most credit or mortgage providers first check the creditworthiness of their future customers at the BKR, it is in many cases still […]

100 USD instant loan online

Borrow 100 USD even faster. If you need your money a little faster, you can request a microcredit with instant bank transfer, the ExtrapressService option. You then benefit with a quick transfer of your 100 $ immediately transferred to your account. Immediately find mini-credit A mini-credit, also called short-term loan, […]

Direct Debit

When we talk about taking sms we often want to emphasize and argue that the most important factor is that the loan should go fast, smoothly and that you should be notified immediately. But there are also other factors to keep in mind when borrowing money through sms loans, such […]